Cyber-Security Consulting Services

Empowered IT Solutions’ main focus is to provide cyber-security and IT solutions to protect the critical assets of your business, we know every business is unique with different operational and regulatory requirements.

Our consulting services ensure the custom cyber-security and IT solutions are fully aligned with your business objectives and fulfill the market demands and government compliance requirements. Our approach is more than simply technical, it’s an enterprise-wide risk management solution with the main focus to protect your business.

Cyber-Security & IT Solutions to Protect Your Business

Company boards normally do not have adequate access to cyber-security expertise, our consultancy services will support the business owners to have the right cyber-risk management approach to protect the business.

Our purpose is to enable a more trusted and secured operational technology

Our cyber-security risk management consultants will support the business owners to face the main cyber-security and IT challenges. Some of the uncertainties that we can assist to address are:

How the business owner makes cybersecurity risk informed decisions?

How secure are the company’s most critical assets and operational environment?

How to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and incidents in a timely manner?

How to ensure the company is meeting all the compliance and regulatory requirements?

How to recover from a cyber-attack incident?

How to detect and respond to cyber threats?

How the cybersecurity initiatives enable the business capabilities and overall security posture?

How to respond to a cyber-attack incident?

How to manage the 3er party cybersecurity risk management?

How to develop a cybersecurity risk management roadmap plan?

How to remediate compliance gaps and risks?

NIST Risk Management Framework

We have a clear understanding of the cyber-security and IT aspects that are critical for businesses and not only from a technical infrastructure perspective. Our consultants will support the business owners to address the main challenges in terms of cyber-security risk management.

Empowered IT Solutions consultants perform cyber-security and IT assessments following the best practice methodologies in the market like the NIST Cyber-Security and NIST Risk Management Framework.

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Our consultants are ready to answer any questions regarding cyber-security and IT managed services.

How We Support the Business Owner

Our cyber-security risk consultants address the risks from a holistic approach considering both the enterprise-level and system-level. This approach takes into consideration the organization as a whole, including strategic goals and business objectives as well as the relationship between business processes and the supporting information systems.

We consider an overall risk management approach to define the cyber-security roadmap plan required for each company based on the business objectives, market requirements and regulatory compliance.

Cyber-Security Risk Management Roadmap Plan

Review Current State

Perform Assessment

Validate Current State

Define Target State

Define Roadmap Plan

The ultimate objective of an organization-wide risk management program is to enable the organization to conduct a successful day-to-day operation and accomplish its missions/objectives within a secure environment minimizing the risk.