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Empowered IT Solutions EIS, is a cybersecurity and information technology solution company, with more than 13 years of experience serving companies in the SME sector in the United States and México, our headquarters in San Diego California have a permanent search and development process to get innovative IT technologies and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

We have become an IT & Cibersecurity Risk Consulting company, providing growing businesses trusted and efficient IT services, cyber security and compliance guidance .

Cyber security expert

Consulting approach

Our consultative approach consists of strive to know our clients well, before offering products or services, our main objective is to know their needs, their main challenges and concerns regarding the cybersecurity, efficient IT management and business continuity

Our highly-skilled specialists stay up-to-date with the newest technology, to offer the best solutions in the market.

The Empowered IT Solutions tools, process and consultants comply with computer security standards under the NIST framework.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the Technology Administration of the United States Department of Commerce.

The national and economic security of the United States depends on the reliable operation of the critical mission infrastructure of national security and services, which operate under the NIST cybersecurity framework

Our Mission

To Become our  client trusted IT & Cybersecurity partner through competitive state-of-the-art solutions and personalized customer attention

Our Values

We highly value honesty, quality and professionalism, which is why we became the trusted partner of many.

The business owners have full control of their business while we work side-to-side with them as their outsourced IT department. We offer the IT services large corporations have, at the scale and price appropriate for smaller businesses.

The values that govern our behavior and professional conduct are;


The most important thing for the professionals of Empowered IT Solutions is to earn the trust of their clients and technological partners, through Honesty, professional relationships and respect for the truth, we will strive every day to gain the trust of our clients, with our core value HONESTY


The Empowered IT Solutions  and consulting services are reviewed and subjected to innovative and rigorous continuos improvement process that ensure the Quality of our products and services. Quality processes and policies are one of the pillars of Empowered IT Solutions management program.


Empowered IT Solutions executives and consultants are committed to deliver quantifiable solutions whit total commitment, responsability and goal orientation, through mastering the most competitive and cutting-edge technological solutions demanded by the MSB sector in the United States and Mexico.

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