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Anti-Spam Solution

“A cyber attack? That will never happen to me”

We’ve all said that. 

Truth is, that’s far from reality. Instead, cyber attacks are on the rise and targeting the most vulnerable. For example, in 2019, 43% of data breaches targeted small business, and this year it could be you.

Why small businesses?

All businesses are at risk. However, smaller ones are sometimes an easier target because they lack the resources larger businesses have, and hackers know that.

What is the most common way hackers access a business?

Hackers steal information mainly through email. They send spam to trick you into giving away personal information.

Many of these cyber attacks work in silence and compromise your information without you being aware of it. Once you find out, the damage is done and it’s difficult or impossible to repair.

On average, 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a cyber-attack. This is a dangerously high rate, considering how many business haven’t even installed a basic cyber-security program. Any business could suddenly go downhill with an incident like this.

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user filtering email from spam

Any good news?

We know it’s intimidating to think about all the possible threats your business can face. However, the good news is that there’s a way to protect your business from hackers with a powerful our anti-spam program. 

In short: this program works 24/7 to filter your email from spam, and keeps all legitimate email. It provides a simplified and effective tool that offers the maximum protection possible, at an adequate price for the size of your business. 

Learn about its benefits and key features:

infographic describing the benefits and key features of the anti-spam solution.

Our program automatically does most of the busy work for you. All you have to do is to further customize the email filter to your preference. You can do so with our easy-to-use control panel. 

Additionally, every email will include a control panel (image below). This informs users about the email received and allows them to further customize the spam filter. 

screenshot of control panel to filter spam out of inbox
Concept: apply a spam filter


To summarize, our Anti-Spam solution helps save time by actively working 24/7. It provides the tools to protect yourself from most cyber-attacks  

Don’t wait any longer, it’s never too early to talk about cyber security, but it could be too late. 

Contact us at 858.859.9490 to get started. 

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